Is cable or internet provided?

We’re sorry no cable or internet is provided at this time.

What is the process of renting an apartment?

We require a completed application from all applicants, so that is a great place to start. You can also specify whether you want a one or two bedroom apartment, whether you plan on having a pet, when you would like to start a lease, and if you have a particular apartment complex in mind.

Who should I call if I have a maintenance problem?

All maintenance issues are channeled through myself. I then contact the appropriate companies to the repairs as quickly as possible. It is our goal to keep your inconvenience to a minimum.

Do you have furnished rentals?

We do not have any furnished rentals at this time.

Do you offer short term leases?

Currently we do not offer short term leases, we have a minimum of a one year lease required.

What are my options for paying my rent?

Rent is to be paid monthly on or before the 3rd of each month.  If paid by mail it needs to be postmarked by the 3rd.  Rent can also be put in a drop box located in the Laundromat building at 65 LaCrosse Drive.

What happens when the lease runs out?

At the end of the one year lease it automatically converts to a month to month lease.

What is included in rent?

Your rent includes water, sewer, trash, snow removal and lawn care.

Does rent include utilities?

Utilities such as gas and electric are the responsibility of the tenant.

Can I modify my apartment?

We do not allow any modifications to the apartment without our approval.  Typically items such as paint etc. may not be changed by the tenant as we use a standard paint color.

What do I do if I have locked myself out of my apartment?

When you sign a lease we give you two sets of keys and we encourage you to keep one where you can get to it in case you lock yourself out. If however you do lock yourself out and do not have a key you can call a locksmith (you are responsible for any charges) or you can call us to see if we are available. If not you will need to use the locksmith.

What type of security is offered?

We have security cameras at two of our locations and we have very few problems with security at any of our locations.

Is there an application fee?

We never charge an application fee.

How can I apply for an apartment?

We encourage you to apply on line. We will respond quickly informing you of your status.

How much notice must I give to move out?

We require the standard 30 day notice before moving out.